Rosalía Chay, the traditional Mayan cook who triumphs on Netflix

“I lead a simple life. I get up very early to make breakfast for my children, I prepare them and take them to school, I run out to take care of my pigs, I wash the nixtamal; I return home and cook what we are going to have for lunch, I leave the food in the boiler, I go to the mill; when I return, if everything is not yet cooked, I start to do my embroidery or carve little wooden monkeys with my husband, if he has already returned from the fields or from taking care of his bees”, this is how a day passes in the home of Rosalia’s Vegetarian Wishon Yaxunah, a small Mayan town in Yucatan where everyone wants to go to visit the traditional Yucatecan cook who, after having participated in a chapter of chef’s tableIt has become a celebrity and a benchmark that reminds us that ancestral gastronomic knowledge still flourishes, evolves and is shared from the most peculiar communities in our country.

Photo: Bernardo Flores
/ Mayakoba Rosewood.

in the kitchen of rosalia there are no secrets, but there are memories, traditions, respect and praise for what was and what today struggles not to get lost in the abyss of technology and the lack of opportunities.