Rice salad: the best 8 recipes

We have selected for you the 8 rice salad recipes that are worth cooking, playing a lot on the varieties of rice, on meat and fish, on marinades, vegetables, shapes.

If we had (finally) moved away from the typical pickled condiments ofrice salad eighties for wild grills, there still wouldn’t be that many for sale. But we do not intend to give up: for us it is still possible to convince you that making this dish can be an experience of elegance and delicacy, originality of taste and presentation.

If done with a certain care, the rice salad can acquire value and also become a cold appetizer or the main course of an outdoor brunch. In short, we try to give it the esteem it deserves, given that this unique dish has accompanied our summer joys for decades.

Here you are best rice salad recipesfor all tastes.

Millefeuille of rice and vegetables

yarrow rice

Who says that a rice salad can only be presented in the classic 2 kg marmittone? We make single portions, taking a cue from the millefeuille. In this case we have alternated rice and vegetable medallions, which can be aubergines or round courgettes. Isn’t it beautiful? Here is the recipe.

Rice salad with salmon, avocado and coconut

basmati rice salad

If you are craving exotic flavors, this rice salad is perfect: coconut milk, seared salmon in bite-sized pieces, creamy avocado … a tropical triumph! This recipe proves that, often, leaving the culinary comfort zone can lead to excellent and irresistible results. Here is the recipe.

Venus rice and shrimp salad

Venere caprese rice salad

Caprese is a sacred dish, typical of our country, and it is nice to pay homage to it by taking inspiration from it: this is the case with this rice salad, which contains all the elements linked to tradition. Will you try this recipe?

Nicoise-style rice and spelled salad

nicoise-style rice and spelled salad

Hard-boiled eggs, tuna, tomatoes … the conditions for the Niçoise rice salad are succulent! In addition, in addition to rice we have also added spelled and barley, for a truly excellent mix of cereals. The choice is yours, of course. Here you will find the recipe.

The classic, but not too much

classic rice salad

Nothing, you are related to the classic rice salad. No problem, but let us suggest you avoid pickles anyway… follow this recipe and you will balance all your favorite elements in an optimal way.

Rice salad with mussels and vegetables

rice salad with mussels

Vegetables, fish, mussels, parsley, cherry tomatoes, for a triumph of colors and scents that would arouse even the most apathetic friend. This is one of our favorite rice salads, which is why we recommend it to you too.

Black rice and marinated salmon

cold black rice with marinated salmon

In single portions as for the millefeuille, similar to tartare as an aesthetic concept, tasty and fresh: the rice salad with marinated salmon is very elegant, a revolutionary concept for a rice salad. Find out how to make it!

Basmati rice with shrimp and lime

shrimp and lime basmati rice salad

Basmati rice is an elongated, thin and very fragrant variety of rice, and always gives great satisfaction, especially if seasoned with strong and decisive flavors. With shrimp and lime it is impossible to go wrong! Here you will find the recipe.