restaurants to celebrate mom in CDMX this May 10

are you looking for places to celebrate mom this May 10 in CDMX? Below is a list of restaurants for celebrate this mothers day 2022

As the pandemic has subsided, more and more people can be seen leaving home. This means that on special days, people are again looking for plans and places to partyr away from home.

So if this May 10 want to celebrate mothers day eating delicious and with a good atmosphere, we present a list of restaurants to celebrate mom in CDMX, this May 10. Each one with a different proposal in terms of gastronomyconcept, Location and prices. There are options for all tastes and budgets.

1. White Colima

Located in the heart of the Colonia Roma Nortethis architectural gem dates from the porfirian period (1907). In fact, it is said that this large house belonged to the family doctor of Porfirio Diaz. Due to its historical context, we can appreciate intact the Frenchified finishes of that time, both inside and outside the restaurant.

Its atmosphere is generally relaxed, although inside the house there are different areas with different vibes. For example, if you go to dinner and a drinkthe lounge Belafonte -looking like a boat deck- is perfect because it has soft music and dim lights. If you are looking for something more lively, on the terrace you will find a good atmosphere, enlivened by a DJ (of course, always at a volume in which they let you chat at ease). Lastly, there are other areas of the restaurant that are more private, quiet and ideal for going with the family in special dates.


As to gastronomic proposal Colima White offers Mexican cuisine with international touches. This is clearly reflected in some of the dishes of your letter such as: its delicious ham croquettes, passing through its exquisite suckling pig tacos with blue dough tortillas, charcoal-grilled sea bass fish, accompanied by mashed potatoes, broad beans and peas and -of course- its iconic appetizer: artichoke amuse ( grilled artichoke).

Kitchen room: Mexican with international touches.
Direction: Colima 168, Col. Roma Norte, CDMX.
Price: approximately $800 MXN.
Website: Colima White.

The Japanese

More than oriental food restaurantthe Japan is a place that offers its guests a immersion in Japanese culture and gastronomy. In addition to its conventional menu, it has recently added to its menu a gastronomic experience call ItamaeJapanese word that refers to chef who prepares the sushi and “master of the table”. In Japan, itamae is a highly respected position for which applicants take approximately 10 years to prepare. It is not an exaggeration to say that the itamae It is a profession that involves a lot of honor and prestige in the Japanese culture.


The figure of Itamae It’s something that The Japanese knew how to transfer to Mexican lands, since this experience that it offers consists of a personalized service (or omakase) for up to six people. Here each table will have its own itamae (or sushi master), its own concierge, as well as a mixologist that will guide the guests to pair each nigiri and plate with different types of drinks and sakes.

The experience consists of different nigiris made with the most premium fish, brought from different parts of the world, such as salmon from New Zealand. But beyond the delicious dinnerthe most attractive thing about this experience is that the itamae (or sushi chef) explains each dish, so you soon realize that it is not only a gastronomic immersion, but also cultural.

Kitchen room: Japanese.
Direction: Artz Pedregal, Interlomas, Manacar and Polanco (Emilio Castelar #135, CDMX).
Price: $1980 MXN per person, with pairing included.
Place: The Japanese.

3.Market Kitchen

If your mom is the queen of brunchyou have to take her to Market Kitchenrestaurant located in the hotel Westin, Santa Fe. It is an unpretentious place, with a relaxed atmosphere and a great location, since its terraces They have several perfect views to forget for a moment the stress of Mexico City. The best? It’s pet friendly!


As for his culinary proposal, Market Kitchen It is a buffet that carries as a standard the concept farm-to-tablefor which his offer evokes the traditional family kitchen with dishes like avocado with salmon tartare, cilantro and black bean puree, grilled red snapper, fontina cheese and black truffle pizza, chicken with asparagus and parmesan crust, as well as weekend Mexican classics like chilaquiles and barbecue. All with fresh ingredients.

Kitchen room: Mexican buffet style brunch.
Direction: Javier Barrios Sierra #340, Lomas de Santa Fe, CDMX. Inside the Westin hotel.
Price: $650 MXN per person
Place: MarketKitchen.

4. Makoto

From Miami to the world. This restaurant started in miami-beach, in the luxurious villa of Bal Harbour, located in the east of the state of Florida in the United States. Since 2017 Makoto has a presence in Mexico City, in the corner of Champs Elysées and Jules Vernebringing the concept of luxury, without sacrificing quality or flavor.


Makoto’s name comes from Chef Makoto Okuwa, originally from Japan and with more than 20 years of experience in the gastronomic world. For this reason it is to be understood that the place has a clear japanese influencehowever one of the things that have characterized the place is the incorporation of local and fresh ingredients to the menu.

In order to encourage the local tradethe hallmark is to use as much as possible of ingredients grown in Mexicofor which Makoto has developed agreements with ranches and farms in different regions of the country such as Ensenada, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.

Kitchen room: Japanese.
Direction: Campos Eliseos #295, Polanco, CDMX.
Prices: From $700 to $1000 MXN per person.
Website: Makoto Mexico.

5. Galanga Thai House

Food Thai has become more fashionable than ever, so Galanga Thai House It has become one of the must places to visit in Mexico City. The first impression upon arrival says it all: a space decorated in the style of the Southeast Asian. Here you will find dishes from the royal thai cuisine from thailand. In addition, the menu offers natural wines that pair excellently with this experience.


This May 10 they will offer the tasting menu 7-stroke pin-tówhich includes dishes such as thai royal dumplinga fresh tuna salad with seasonal fruits, roasted duck and a panaeng: the classic Thai red curry that is salty and sweet at the same time.

Kitchen room: Thai.
Direction: Monterrey 204, North Rome.
Prices: from $500 to $700 MXN per person.
Websites: Galanga Thai House.

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