Restaurants crowded on Mother’s Day

The celebration of May 10 crowded the establishments and caused long waits.

The restaurants yesterday lived a historic day by celebration of the Mother’s Dayto the extent that in many cases the families they had to wait from one to three hours to enter the establishments gastronomic most frequented in the city.

In restaurants formal and even in inns of the Center and those that operate in public markets, significant lines of people were observed patiently waiting for the tables to be vacated to share breakfast or lunch with the head of household; was establishments where from six in the morning there were people waiting for the opening of the business for celebrate with a good breakfast mom.

The celebration of the Mother’s Day It was the ideal date for people to dip into the rest of the savings that remained after the Fair, since the day was spent intensely resorting to the purchase of all kinds of presents, but above all inviting the mothers for breakfast, lunch or even dinner away from home.

On Madero street, but in the same way in Carranza, in the Jardín del Encino, on 5 de Mayo and in the north and south of the city, the restaurants and else business with food sales they looked as expected “Full house” that the industrialists of the branch predicted, for which, without a doubt, the celebration of the May 10 generated the best economic spill for that sector in a long time.

The prices of the dishes, which in many cases were high, was not an excuse for the restaurantsthe inns and the same food stalls in the Terán, Juárez and Morelos markets looked crowded from entire families who consented to mothers with an exquisite breakfast, a good lunch or a delicious dinner in the best gastronomic establishments.

The restaurants that served meals à la carte or that handled buffets for such a special occasion, were the ones that had the most influx of people, but they were also bursting with food business specialized in cuisine based on fish and shellfish and not to mention the special cuts, where in addition to the good gastronomy there were artistic presentations that made the day more pleasant for the celebrated.

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