Resident song to J Balvin

The quarrels between J Balvin and Residente do not stop. The chapter of their fights began a while ago. Last year, they staged a strong fight on social networks, all because of a message that J Balvin wrote against the Latin Grammy Awards.

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Now, a new controversy arose around the two artists. This Thursday, the Puerto Rican singer Residente premiered the song BZRP Music Sessions #49 with the Argentine musician strange. The commented song lasts 8 minutes, and is accompanied by a video where the Puerto Rican is seen wearing a white tank top and a cap.

There, the former member of Calle 13 lashes out at the Colombian, with whom, obviously, he does not have a good relationship. “The people fighting, they are killing them, and the guy uploads photos of Gandhi praying”; “Liar asshole, he acts spiritual using mental health to sell a documentary”; “he doesn’t understand the values ​​of life, he has to tattoo the word ‘loyalty’ because he forgets”; “It’s an im**** with hair dye that put black women with dog chains around their necks”, “You’re like a vegan breakfast, without eggs”, are just some of the strong phrases of the song.

RESIDENT || BZRP Music Sessions #49 (Drawn by J Balvin) Lyrics | Official video

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On the other hand, he ended up treating him as a racist as well. “A white boy who lost his way; a divine accepting his Afro-Latino award. One day he said that he wanted to do reggaeton when he discovered that Daddy Yankee was white. The worst of all, and the most serious thing, is that he is a racist and he does not know it”.

In social networks, thousands of Internet users have reacted to the controversy, some in favor of Residente and others against. Next, some of the memes that have circulated on the different digital platforms.

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