Resident and the strong shock to J Balvin in a rap: “It’s like a vegan breakfast: without eggs”

Puerto Rican singer Resident He has published an 8-minute rap, in which he dedicates a part of a download to the Colombian reggaeton player J Balvin, with whom he has had differences for some time.

This Thursday, February 3, the artist premiered the material on the Bizirrap YouTube channel.

In the lyrics, the rapper makes it clear in several verses that he did this session for fun. In addition to leaving strong messages that have been taken for the interpreter of ‘Rojo’.

“You and I are not the same. I do not believe in the stars of digital platforms, nor in your Billboard of cake cream. I only believe in my level. And in the bastard of my pencil running over the paper “.

He also states on the subject: “They are fifth class artists who write less than a pen without ink. When they see me they decompose, pale white, like the teeth of lies that they put on”.

Residente also said in his rap: “For two minutes of song they have 20 writers, even the managers are composers. 500 dollars for a toast to an asshole dressed in colors.

One of the most resounding verses of this work has been: “I’m going to lower myself with a bobolón, who sings to Sponge Bob and Pokemon, the copy of a clone”.

Resident attacked J Balvin again |  Mezcaliente

Similarly, he said: “This cowardly young lamb, is like a vegan breakfast: without eggs.”

Resident calls J Balvin a slave of the system

He also referred to the protests in Colombia in 2021 and the lack of messages from J Balvin in the midst of this situation: “The people fighting, they are killing them, and the guy uploads photos of Gandhi praying. Asshole, liar, he plays spiritual using mental health to sell a documentary “.

“He’s a hair-dyed asshole who put black women on dog chains around their necks,” he added.

Resident assured that J Balvin is also racist and that the story will give him a slap. “In your rainbow of colors there is no brown.”

j balvin |  Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Before releasing this song, the interpreter of “Guerra” said on his Instagram account that he had received many calls from people that J Balvin allegedly contacted to prevent the song from coming out.

He also stated that they threatened his label with a lawsuit if this download was released. “In the end I don’t care if they sue me or put me on the playlist bastards”said.

In this regard, he added: “The difference between you and me is that I am free to do whatever comes out of the balls and you are a slave of the industry.”