Require company to comply with food plan

Guadal schoolchildren receive cold snack: They demand that the company comply with the food plan

The Hendaye company, contracted by Junaeb to supply and deliver food to schools in the Aysén region, is constantly experiencing problems in delivering products that allow breakfast and lunch to be delivered correctly to students from different parts of the territory.

Last Friday, the parents and guardians of the Bernardo O’Higgins school in Puerto Guadal, in the district of Chile Chico, were surprised and annoyed by the news that children would receive a cold snack for lunch, due to the lack of supply.

“The school director told us what was happening, she told us that breakfast was going to be normal, but lunch was going to be a cold snack. This seems very complicated to me, because the children need their daily food, even more so in this school where there are so few children, we cannot be with this food deficit, ”said Daniela Burgos, secretary of the Center for Parents and Guardians of the establishment. .

The leader of the parents of the Puerto Guadal school said that “at the beginning of the school year we also had problems with food, it had not arrived when the children entered classes. I have not seen a meal in bad condition, but it has missed and I know that the aunt in the kitchen does everything possible to make sure everything works well”.

Daniela Burgos called on the pertinent organisms and the company that must deliver the necessary supplies for the snacks of the boys and girls, to fulfill their function accordingly.

“The ideal is that all the necessary products for the children arrive and that we do not have to be at school correcting what is missing. Because the school right now is putting on a face to say ‘there isn’t, but we’re going to try to solve it’. It is not the company that has said things are going to be solved. They have never given us any solution. We hope that this does not happen again, for the good of the children, because food is part of their education”, insisted the representative.

Although this Monday the supply arrived at the Bernardo O’Higgins school in Puerto Guadal, the parents hope that this type of situation will not be repeated and that the entity that must supervise that everything works as it should, Junaeb, does its job, according to the leader remarked.