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Registrations open for vacations for $1200 per day with hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner

The plan allows the possibility of vacationing on dates in the months of April and May, offering destinations such as the Buenos Aires town of Chapadmalal and Embalse in Córdoba.

How to access the Social Tourism program with $1,200 per day destinations?

  • The program offered by the Ministry of Tourism requires the completion of a form, which can be managed from the official website.
  • This benefit for ANSES beneficiaries who have negative certification offers a stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.
  • The destinations are complexes that were refurbished during the last season and declared National Historic Landmarks.

Social Tourism 2022: where and how to register

  • From the Ministry of Tourism they clarified that registration does not guarantee automatic access to the requested place.
  • This is due to the high demand, so the program contemplates one trip per year per person.
  • To access the Social Tourism program, those interested must enter the online form through the link https://tramitesadistancia.gob.ar/tramitesadistancia/detalle-tipo?id=562

Once entered, you must have the following documentation:

  • DNI of holder and companions;
  • Over 18 years of age: last salary receipt or last retirement/pension collection receipt or proof of last monotax/autonomous payment or certificate of negativity of ANSES contributions or proof of benefit/collection of social programs.
  • Current Certificate of Disability (CUD), if applicable;
  • Single Certificate of Veteran of the Malvinas War, if applicable;
  • Certificate of 30 (THIRTY) years of service, if applicable;
  • Birth certificate of the children traveling, in case the DNI does not prove a link.

What are the dates available to travel from March 13, 2022

  • The Ministry of Tourism will enable today the registration form to access the Tourist Units of Chapadmalal and Embalse, with travel dates scheduled for April 19 to 25.
  • As of Sunday, March 20, registrations will be launched for vacations for $ 1,200 between April 26 and May 2.

How to get the ANSES Negativity Certificate

The Negative Certification is a receipt issued by ANSES and is valid for 30 days, where it is recorded that the owner or beneficiary does not register:

  • Sworn statements as a worker under a dependency relationship;
  • Affidavits from provinces not adhered to the Comprehensive Argentine Social Security System (both for active and passive workers);
  • Transfers as Self-Employed and/or Monotributista and/or Workers of Private Houses;
  • Collection of Maternity Allowance for Workers of Private Houses;
  • Collection of Unemployment Benefit;
  • Collection of social programs;
  • Collection of the Universal Assignment for Son and Daughter (AUH) and/or pregnancy (AUE);
  • Collection of Family Allowances;
  • Payment of Progress Scholarships;
  • Initiation of National Social Security Benefit;
  • Collection of pension benefits in force on the date of the request;
  • Social work

Step by step the procedure to obtain the negative certification of ANSES

  • Enter the official page of ANSES;
  • Select at the beginning the “Negative certification” option;
  • Click on “Enter the query”;
  • Place CUIL number and period to consult. Remember that it can be consulted for a period within the last 6 months and not before;
  • If none of the services mentioned above is registered, the complete list and the message: “It is possible to issue the certification” will appear.
  • Towards the end, you must click on “download proof” to obtain the certification and print it if necessary

Doubts and queries about the Social Tourism program

The National Directorate of Social Tourism confirmed two phone numbers to answer all user questions: (54-11) 4951-6099 and WhatsApp (54-11) 4026-4232.