Refresh yourself with an OAT and blackberry frappuccino and discover its benefits

The oatmeal It is one of the great allies of health, because it is a quite nutritious cereal and rich in soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol levels bad (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood, in addition to regulate glucoseTherefore, it is recommended for all those who seek to have a healthy lifestyle, lose weightfight obesity, or suffer from type 2 diabetes.

This is due to the contribution of beta-glucans that prevents fats and sugars from being rapidly absorbed in the intestine, in addition to forming a gel that protects the intestinal mucosa and guarantees better digestion. To continue taking advantage of it in this hot season, we tell you how to prepare a delicious oatmeal and blackberry frappuccinothat in addition to taking away the heat has great benefits.