Recipe to prepare a delicious pambazo, enjoy this Mexican appetizer

The Mexican gastronomy It has been one of the most popular, it has long been characterized as one of the most special and the most delicious. Around the world, a large number of countries have tried to recreate our appetizers and it is not for less, there are many recipes that we love and that we can enjoy in countless moments in life, it has even been highlighted, that are one of the essentials for weddingamong other festivitiesexactly one of those popular mexican snacksturn out to be the pambazos.

The pambazos are a type ofpie” which is prepared with dishbathes with guajillo chile and filled with a stew of potatoes with sausage Many people usually accompany him with lettuce, cream, cheese and saucegiving a unique and wonderful touch to the food. It has also been noted for being one of the main dishes for fairs or its traditional sale in street stalls. ButDo you know where pambazos really come from?