Recipe to make dough for Mexican molotes, enjoy this traditional appetizer

Surely we have all eaten molotas, Even though we didn’t know his name. He is a mexican appetizermaybe not as popular as the pambazos, quesadillas or esquitasbut that does not mean that it does not have a worthy place in our hearts, but above all, in our stomach. These sandwiches are sometimes there in the laminate stalls of CDMX, where they sell stew tacos, because they are the perfect garnish for some salad.

They are part of the casual diningbecause they are quite austere when it comes to serving, if you don’t come up with a salad or something else to accompany them, because they are three-dimensional ovals of hourthat can be filled with have, quesillo, pork rind or even banana. Other popular fillings are rajas, potato or fresh cheese. There are Oaxacans, Huastecs, Pueblans, Potosinos, Hawaiians, etc.