Recipe: Original and exquisite stuffed bell peppers

This dish of the local culinary culture is craved at any time of the day, either as a main dish or as a snack, which can be prepared in an original way, but preserving its essence.

The origin of this dish is Mexican, because its first records date back to the Valley of Tehuacán, Mexico, from 5 thousand to 3 thousand years before Christ, says Jorge Herrera, executive chef of the Mary’s Co restaurant, zone 10. “Its spiciness is a characteristic of its Mexican origin and, we could assure you, that its filling has Guatemalan culinary influences, so it becomes a derivative of Latin American cuisine” , Add.

“Stuffed chili peppers represent one of the most consumed culinary preparations in the country. They are called in such a way because the legume, for this purpose, is filled with minced meat and vegetables. LThe composition of the mincemeat can vary, resulting in a wide variety of stuffed peppers. Chili can be hot or not, depending on taste. In the first case, the favorite is the jalapeño; in the second, the pepper is sweet”, indicates Luis Villar Anleu, in his book Guatemalan popular cuisine (University Publishing House2021).

It can be accompanied with other meals or eaten alone, between tortillas, or to sublimate in the famous chili breads, he adds.
Other culinary possibilities have arisen around this preparation. In one of them the chili is replaced by crab fruits.

“The taste of our protagonist, the bell pepper, also known as aji, yellow, bell pepper or bell pepper It depends a lot on the degree of maturation, which also determines its color. Greens turn into yellows, oranges, and reds. The latter contain a greater supply of vitamin C and have a sweeter taste. Also, they are rich in fiber, support the functioning of the immune system and help prevent cancerto reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and memory deficit, linked to aging”, explains the chef.

One of the advantages of this vegetable is its ideal texture to fill, with which a showy dish is obtained due to its color and an exquisite flavor. In the case of people who find it to have a bitter taste, it will be enough to remove the shell, the seeds and the membranes to be able to taste it, he says.

This is a strong dish, due to the amount of protein it contains. yesIt can be accompanied by a salad or white rice, and can be paired with a good dry white wine, because it brings balance to the sweet flavor of the bell pepper and is ideal for the dairy flavor of the mozzarella cheese sauce, an original version created by Herrera.

“If you want to do without meat, this can be replaced with eggplant, since this vegetable provides a lot of fiber. Also, beef can be replaced by pork and we could even dare to fill them with shrimp”, he explains.

“My cuisine goes to the heart and I try to amaze with each dish and focus on ingredients that without much elaboration are delicious,” he says. “I consider that cooking is like fashion, it evolves every day and we have to be at the forefront. If we don’t evolve, we turn such beautiful art into something monotonous”, points out Herrera.


1 pound ground beef
4 red and yellow bell peppers
5 sausages
5 sausages
1 carrot
1 white onion
4 cloves of garlic
3 plum tomatoes
2 jalapenos
2 tablespoons of pasta
of tomato
Fresh rosemary, oregano, basil and paprika to taste
1/2 lb. mozzarella cheese
2 butter spoons
1/2 cup of cooking cream

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Finely chop the vegetables for the filling and remove the membrane from the chorizos and longanizas. In a wide frying pan add the tomato paste and the butter and sauté the vegetables in them. Then, add the minced meat and sausages and leave to fry. Add the aromatic herbs. Season and add, finally, the third part of the mozzarella cheese to the mixture. Let the cheese melt and reserve.

Carefully remove the lid from the bell peppers and wrap them with the shiny side of the aluminum foil facing inwards and season them with a touch of basil and oil. Place them in a pan and brown them on all sides. For the sauce, in a frying pan melt the rest of the cheese and drop the cream in a thread form until incorporated. Be careful not to let it get too hot so as not to spoil the sauce. Remove the chiles from the foil and fill them on the plate, cover with the sauce and serve.

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chef profile

  • He graduated in 2007 as a Professional Chef at Intecap, and as an International Chef, in 2012, also in that place.
  • He graduated as a professional pastry chef at Las Margaritas Culinary Academy in 2016.
  • He studied Restaurant Administration at Intecap in 2019.
  • He has worked as a cook in several hotels in the country.
  • He was head chef at the Casbah restaurant (Antigua Guatemala).
  • He started working at the PTR corporation nine years ago, as a deputy chef, and for four years, he has been in charge of the Mary’s Co restaurant, Avia, zone 10.
  • He hosts the Hot Kitchen program since 2021.