Recipe: Butter Cookies

The biscuits They are a great snack or breakfast for many Spanish families, but what better than baking your own to really know the ingredients they contain, right? In addition, there are so many varieties that it is impossible for one to get tired of cooking them.

We can prepare some delicious homemade cookies with very few ingredients and in a very short time, if we want we can also help ourselves from the little ones in the house and thus we spend an entertaining time cooking. We can prepare them only with oatmeal, with chocolate, with fruit, with butter… thousands of options.

In addition, despite eating a healthy diet and taking care of both food and exercise, there is always room for some homemade sweets like these butter cookies. Therefore, from digital freedom We bring you a very simple recipe with which you can all enjoy in the kitchen preparing them and then eating them. Do not forget to take paper and pen so you do not miss anything of the recipe.

Ingredients (for 12-14 cookies):

  • 200g of oatmeal
  • 125g of butter
  • two teaspoons of vanilla aroma
  • two ounces of 85% chocolate
  • a free range egg
  • 10 dates


The first thing to do is pit the dates and mash them with a little water. Next, we mix the cream of dates with the unsalted butter to the point of ointment. Mix well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

The next thing is to preheat the oven with heat both above and below to 180ºC. Meanwhile, we finish preparing the cookies.

Add the beaten egg to the previous mixture and continue stirring. We also incorporate the vanilla aroma and continue mixing. Now we add the flour. It is important to add the flour little by little and, at the moment in which we can make balls with the dough, we stop adding. First we put approximately 180gr and then, depending on how we see it, we add up to 200gr.

Now we make the balls and crush the cookies and put them on the oven tray with parchment paper on top. Before crushing them we can add chocolate chips, for example, to cookies to give them more flavor.

Once we have all the cookies ready we put them in the oven, remember that we have preheated it to 180ºC, for approximately 10-15 minutes, it depends a lot on the type of oven so we have to be careful so that they do not burn but only brown .

Once they are ready, let them rest in a crack so that they release all the water and become crispy. When they are completely cold we can eat them or store them in a vacuum-packed jar so that they last longer.