Rebranding and new automatic coring machine for iceberg and radicchio salad

A return to the origins, but with important news. “We are about to officially launch our new brand at Fruit Logistica 2022 (on the side). In a certain way we go back to the origins, at least as far as the color is concerned: we go back to the orange-red of the first logo. The brand is a stylized ‘N’, an ideogram that will have the opportunity to further evolve in the future. And our communicative claim also changes, which becomes ‘the guardians of your products’. The concept we want to convey is that what is worked with our lines gives an added value to the final product. By doing so, we shift the focus and skip a link in the supply chain: from our customer, to our customer’s customer “.

So anticipates Giovanni Naddeo, CEO of Naddeo Technologies in Scafati (Salerno), a company that designs and manufactures innovative, complete and customized solutions for food companies operating in the fresh produce sector, in particular for the IV range. “There have been important changes for our Italian competitors, and we believe that repositioning our brand right now is the best choice.”

New automatic coring machine
“We design, develop and manufacture technologically advanced machines and systems for processing vegetables and vegetables. Also at the fair, in Berlin, we will present the new automatic corer for iceberg and radicchio salad, which allows the removal of the core from the product and the cutting in cloves “.

“Among the strengths of the machine, we find: the reduced dimensions (4.00×1.5×2.7 meters); a production capacity of 800-900 heads per hour; a reduced processing waste; low energy consumption, which with increasing increases in the last period is not small; the possibility of interconnection with company management systems and the possibility of obtaining production data in real time; a continuous yield and ease of sanitization, thanks to the hygienic design “, continues Naddeo.

“The operator places the head on a conveyor belt, on which appropriate housings are affixed, to keep the product with the core facing upwards. To help centering the product, the machine is equipped with a laser sensor that identifies the reference point for correct positioning. Once it has entered the coring area, a rotating head with a rolling blade proceeds to remove the core and expel it “.

After being cored, the head can be cut into four wedges. “Thanks to an electronic probe positioned on the cutting head, it is possible to decide the excursion of the blade, to reduce waste to a minimum”.

New projects are underway for Naddeo Technologies. “In reality, due to the pandemic, the times have lengthened, but for the end of the year or the beginning of 2023 we will present other news”.

Australasia: promising market even during the pandemic
“We are well positioned in the Australian and New Zealand markets, where it appears that the Covid-19 epidemic has been better managed. These are markets that have responded well even during a difficult situation such as the pandemic. New Zealand is a Small country, which thrives on tourism, and even if fresh-cut sales have been impacted by the coronavirus and lockdowns, we have managed to maintain profitable commercial relations “.

The company is regaining market share also on a national level. “The IV range is an expanding sector in Italy, but which is still limited. In the past, the choice to follow the Dutch trend and, therefore, to develop very high quality machinery has not made us able to compete with our national competitors, resulting more expensive. In view of the great changes affecting the Italian competition, today the national customer perceives our quality and values ​​it, granting us his trust “, explains Naddeo.

Rising costs and war in Ukraine
The rising fixed costs, the shortage of raw materials and the war on the European front are creating a general situation of uncertainty. “We send order confirmations at least a week later than in the past. The negotiation phase has changed. Before we made an offer, it was the price, we fixed one and closed the order. Today, once upon a time. negotiated and set a price, we need the supplier to confirm the costs on which we have set the offer. However, the delivery times of the raw materials are the dominant ones: for this reason we reserve longer times delivery of our solutions, which also exposes us to a greater risk in economic terms. There has also been a 30% increase in transport costs “, concludes Giovanni Naddeo.

Finally, the company had to deal with the blocking of the Swift payment system in Belarus, at the center of the Russian-Ukrainian question.

Naddeo Technologies will exhibit at Fruit Logistica, from 5 to 7 April 2022, in Hall 3.1 / Stand B-12.

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