Raw? This was the dish that Anthony Bourdain recommended for a hangover in his Amazon series

If there is someone who took us to various gastronomic destinations without prejudging or fear of the unknown, that person was antonio bourdaina great loss that the world of gastronomy suffered on June 8, 2018 due to a suicide caused by previous depression problems. He died at the age of 61, but not before leaving a great bibliographic and television legacy, where many of us met him thanks to his different shows.

Since 2002, Bourdain He had space on television, from where he would not detach himself until the day he died. He started with his space cook trip, hand in hand with the thematic channel Food Network and then jumped to travel channel to deal with your longest-running program: Anthony Bourdain – Without reservation, based on the original idea. From its premiere in 2005 until its dismissal in 2012, 142 episodes were produced, spread over nine seasons.