Quesadillas: with or without cheese? More than 100-year-old ‘Book of Families’ reveals the truth

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In Mexico there is an unknown which to date has not been answered, Do quesadillas go with cheese or without cheese? This question revolves around the Mexican every day, since in some states this is not allowed, but in CDMX it is an offense that they do not carry and it is one of the typical dishes that are usually tasted in the city.

To answer this question we can consult “La Cocinera Poblana”, which is a recipe book published in 1907 with a section dedicated especially to Mexican cuisine.

A cookbook with more than 3,000 ways to prepare food

This huge cookbook has more than 3,000 ways to make food and also contains the answer if quesadillas have cheese or not, a mystery that had not been solved to date.

In accordance with a version of the 1985 book, “La Cocinera Poblana” is a gastronomy book also known as El Libro de Las Familias, it was supposedly published in Mexico in the year 1907 and brings Spanish, French, English and Mexican recipes.

This recipe book is one of the most complete ever published, rescues dishes from various regions that are even obsolete and there are even some to cook a delicious mole.

On the other hand, this book also has recipes for tinga, tamales, barbecue and all the typical dishes of Puebla and of course, the wise answer to the question Do quesadillas have cheese?

Historians continue to fight over the original publication date of this book, since it dates from 1872 in its first edition, but as time passed, it changed incorporating more recipes.

Also, book collectors seek this edition, since it is a compendium of Mexican food with the recipes and seasoning of Puebla, in addition to its new versions incorporating more flavors of the region.

Do quesadillas have cheese, yes or no?

In the pages of this book there is also the ancient recipe for quesadillas and in a video where you can see one of the editions of “La Cocinera Poblana” is the answer.

In accordance with recipe number 1,483 quesadillas are an ancient food, which is typical of Mexico and is sold in almost every corner of the country.

“Quesadillas are so common that there is no corner where they cannot be bought; which avoids doing them as a family. However, we will talk about them keeping in mind that they cannot be acquired everywhere when desired. They are made with tortilla dough and are usually filled with ground pork rinds, roasted pasilla chili, a little epazote and salt”, according to the book.

“Once the stuffing has been put in half of them, it is folded over the other half and the edges are glued together, after which they are fried in butter. You have to eat them hot so they don’t get hard. The quesadillas are filled with different things such as aged or fresh cheese, brains, finely chopped zucchini flowers, shredded sausages, chili slices, etc. A very tasty bite to eat,” he explains.

In the following recipe mentions that quesadillas can be filled with other things, What fresh or aged cheeseso in one of their oldest recipes they do have cheese!

Thus, millions of people who do not live in the capital will have to accept that quesadillas do have cheese for decades, so this would end the debate.