Qali Warma: IE El Carmelo attends with school food service in the province of Virú | TRUJILLO | The industry

In the facilities of the El Carmelo Rural Training Center (CRFA), located in the province of Virú, the food provided by the Qali Warma National School Feeding Program of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) is prepared and consumed. .

This educational institution provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for 117 students. They are hospitalized under the model forms of diversified care (FAD).

In the case of educational service models with residence and alternation, use is made of the kitchen space for the preparation of food according to Ministerial Resolution No. 048-2022-MINEDU, which provides for the return to face-to-face and semi-face-to-face classes. . Along these lines, according to the technical standard, approved by ministerial resolution No. 186-2022-MINEDU, kiosks, cafeterias and school canteens may function as long as they have water services for human consumption, drainage and electricity.

The local management monitor constantly monitors this educational institution and provides technical assistance to the CRFA El Carmelo School Feeding Committee (CAE) within the framework of capacity building regarding the dosage and combination of foods. This with the aim of reinforcing the food service in this FAD secondary school, with a residence modality.

The products that are delivered are rice, vegetable oil, banana flour, oatmeal with kiwicha, whole evaporated milk, lentils, canned beef bofe, canned fish in vegetable oil and egg-based powder mix. In this way, the nutritional requirement of adolescents is covered, with healthy and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

In the La Libertad region, under the residence modality, 117 students from the FAD El Carmelo, in the province of Virú, are benefited for a period of 25 days. Food is prepared at school by the CAE.