Protect yourself from the flu in the rainy season with an onion tea

Just as there is a lot heat in summerthere is also a moment of rainythat although little by little they have been lost, they still do not disappear as such and although at least this year they have taken much longer to arrive, sometimes we still get that storm that nobody expected and if by chance you were doing well spring when you were surprised stormWell, the safest thing is that now you have sneezes, coughs and above all, flu.

Today less than ever, no one wants to have Flu symptomseither flu, because it reminds us of terror of the virus Covid-19their symptom and all that this has implied since the beginning of the pandemicA few ago 3 yearswhen we first began to see that this disease that changed the world could get worse and it was not just a little flu, which could have left us paranoid.