Presents Economic Development Commission program “Consume lo Nuestro”

Written in WARRIOR the

In order to strengthen the economy and promote local consumption, the Economic Development Commission of the Cabildo presented the “Consume lo Nuestro” program, an initiative that seeks to promote enterprising women and men who offer their products and services in the state.

Councilors who make up the Commission unanimously approved the proposal made by the councilor president of the Economic Development Commission, Julián López Galeana, who stressed that this type of program opens an opportunity for the people of Acapulco to publicize their products, make grow micro-enterprises and generate more resources, he said, it will be possible to give a surplus value to the entrepreneurs of the municipality.

“What we are looking for is that “Consume lo Nuestro” can become a constant philosophy of the Acapulcan consumer, generating a collective conscience so that the population also chooses what is made in Guerrero, because what is made in Guerrero also implies quality, moreover, when If you consume a product made in Guerrero, you immediately benefit the local economy, you don’t have to wait long for the resource to return to the benefit of the Acapulcan population”.

The ambassador of Mexican cuisine, Eduardo Palazuelos, was present at the session, offering his support to promote local products:

The event was held in the hall of the Buenos Aires council

“It is time for Acapulco, it is time to highlight the greatness of Acapulco, this is an initiative that I very much applaud. They have our support, they have the space of our offices to hold a flea market once a month where they can sell all the products, it is time to promote Acapulco and the producers”, he said.

During the session, the councilor, Ricarda Robles Urioste, was also protested as a member of the same and the economic agreement of an initiative to reform Article 59 section 10, and repeal Article 69 and its adherence to the Organic Law of the Free Municipality of the State of Guerrero, the modification of the Employment Promotion Commission to the Economic Development Commission was proposed, the proposal will be turned over for analysis and modification.

In general matters, the rescue of the El Salto Industrial Park was raised and a message was also presented from the deputy, Teresa Ochoa, who promised to support the initiatives that allow strengthening the development of Acapulco, offered her support to the Economic Development Commission Township.