Prepare some delicious homemade chilies in vinegar to accompany any dish

Nobody touches chili! The truth is that Mexican food can become one of the most humble at the same time that it can be a type of gastronomy that attracts attention, because it is showy and not only that, it is also very tasty. Foreigners who have tried it outside of Mexico say “You don’t know anything about Mexican food until you try it in Mexico” and they are quite right, because the tradition is at home and in the streets of the country.

The truth is that despite how diverse it is, it has some elements in common, ranging from the northern border with the United States, to the Yucatan Peninsula. Trying everything is a difficult task, which requires us to have all our senses wide open and that is why the best we can do is try to adjust to the food profile that exists in each of the states of Mexico to understand why there are dishes that they are a bomb there, but that in the rest of the country it is not so well known.