Prepare some delicious chicken croquettes, a fantastic option for days without ideas

What am I going to eat today? this is probably one of the most outstanding people among people, because it is a question that many of us have, many perhaps in older days, others, only one, but they do it and it is not for less. There are many of us who have already tired of cooking and cooking, so that it is always the same.

However, when we ask the question, we go blank in our brain and in the same way that when writers suffer from the famous syndrome of the blank page, where we have no idea what to cook and, well, if we analyze it a little more , we believe that in the kitchen it could be something very similar when we try to think of what we can cook for the week. It could even have the name of cook’s syndrome, because yes, all those who are in charge of cooking can have that blockage and the famous question arises; And now, what do I eat?