Prepare some delicious apple fritters with this recipe and accompany your snow

The fritters are one of the desserts richest that we can find in different gastronomies. Child quite commonboth in Spainlike in Mexico. The truth is that almost all of us have tried them at some time and we can testify favorably, most of the time, when it comes to saying what it tastes like and just for this reason, there are several prescriptions to learn how to prepare them. It is always worth knowing how everyone prepares so as not to be left wanting.

There are so many kinds of frittersboth in Mexico as in the world. Sometimes they receive another name, but the truth is that they are essentially sweet fritters that are eaten as a sweet or snack. They are prepared with a mixture of wheat flour, egg, water, salt and lard, which is left to rest, stretched and molded. Later they are fried in lard or oil and sprinkled with sugar or bathed in honey or piloncillo.