Prepare a delicious cold coffee with cinnamon in a matter of minutes for your breakfast

There is nothing more annoying than having to get up in the morning to start our day, because clearly we are not in agreement. holidays and we have to head to work or school. This pair of scenarios has the characteristic of rushing our lives, because we have to be there first thing in the morning and also with all the attitude of seeing each other succeedbecause basically our effort is aimed at making money.

Yes, we know that the breakfast It is a key moment of the day in which we must choose well what we eat, but many times the rush wins and the only thing we want is to consume something that fills us up and keeps us awake for the next few hours to ensure good physical performance and mental, which is what we solve life with. In fact, that is exactly why we love coffee so much and since we are only a few weeks away from the formal start of the springWell, there is no better feeling than drinking it cold.