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More and more premium ingredients and attention to consumer trends: DimmidiSì, the La Linea Verde brand that has recently celebrated its first 15 years, presents the two summer novelties that will be on the fruit and vegetable counters of the large-scale retail trade as of March 22nd. The Speck and Brie salad and the Smoked Tuna Poke Bowl: not just two new products but a real evolution of two lines to be more and more recognizable and in line with customer needs. After a difficult 2020 for the IV range and ready meals due to the restrictions due to the pandemic, La Linea Verde closed 2021 with a turnover of 320 million, + 5% on 2020

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Valerìe Hoff, marketing director of La Linea Verde, presented le Summer news from the DimmidiSì brand that will be on the shelves of large-scale distribution starting from 22 March. Not only two product launches in two different product categories, but a real evolution of two pivotal product lines for the DimmidiSì brand, which has just celebrated its first 15 years.

After a 2020 characterized by some difficulties caused by the pandemic, The Green Line closed 2021 with a turnover of 320 million, + 5% on 2020. Only the IV range and ready meals, produced in the Manerbio (BS) headquarters, totaled almost 200 million euros in turnover in 2021. A 2021 in which La Linea Verde has grown in all product categorieswith a market for 25% export and 75% Italian. In 2021 alone, more than 40 million packages were sold under the DimmidiSì brand, which is gaining more and more notoriety (the percentage of notoriety rises to 86) and loyalty to the brand is also higher.

Focusing on the news, DimmidiSì launches two new references in two different product categories: Speck and Brie salad for single dishes, and the Tuna Poke Bowl smoked in the Poke Bowl line which, launched last year, had great success with more than 500,000 Bowls sold in the summer period of 2021 alone (from May to the end of October). For both lines, DimmidiSì worked for one requalification of ingredients from a premium point of view, with the aim, among other things, of relaunch a sector still suffering after the year of the pandemic, but with great potential and development possibilities.

The segment of the Enriched Salads has suffered a restyling of the packaging in such a way as to be even more clear, where the recipe is clearly legible: a new modern and impactful graphics that simplifies the readability of the recipes on the shelffor greater recognition and a more intuitive purchasing process.

The proposals were enhanced thanks to the replacing some protein ingredients with more premium ones for a more distinctive positioning: the tuna fish certified yellow fin Safe for dolphinsthe chicken from the Italian supply chain thanks to the partnership with Fileni and the “high quality” Italian cooked ham deriving from the whole piece of the thigh, not recomposed.

Furthermore, the division between the two ranges that make up the line is clearer. The range Classicaldedicated to more traditional combinations; and the range greedywhose graphics give the idea of ​​a premium and more delicious product thanks to the use of different patterns, groups appetizing recipes with a rich fresh sauce (marked with a golden stamp) created ad hoc for each proposal, to make the tasting.

The Classic range is enriched with the new Speck and Brie reference, where the protagonists are the Tiroler Speck PGI scallops, the cubes of seasoned French Brie and the crostini of focaccia. Another novelty is the “Greca” recipe, which this year becomes part of the “Golosa” range. as it is enriched with tzatziki sauce.

The line includes nine recipes, six for the Classic range: Grana Padano and Olives; Cotto and Provolone (new cooked ham); Tuna and Corn (new tuna); Caprese; Chicken and Olive (new chicken) and Speck and Brie (new proposal); And three for the Golosa range: Caesar Salad & Caesar Sauce (new chicken); Gorgonzola and Walnuts & Pear Sauce; Greek & Tzatziki Sauce.

Tell me yes

Dimmidi Yes, however, does not stop at salads. After last year’s success of the Poke Bowl, this year they return to the refrigerated counters of the fruit and vegetable department earlier than last year: they are indeed available from the end of March, with a renewed line. While on the one hand the two references bowl with salmon and bowl with chicken remain, on the other hand the completely vegetable bowl with chickpeas gives way to the new recipe with tuna.

The new “Tuna” Bowl, in fact, replaces the chickpea one. Nutritious, balanced and complete thanks to the use of smoked tuna with beech wood (one of the typical ingredients of the Poke world and one of the most appreciated by the target), the Tuna bowl also includes soy edamame, mango, carrots among the ingredients , valerian, long grain brown rice with tasty grated orange peel and Teriyaki sauce.

Given the success, the Salmone bowl remains: with salmon raised in Norway, processed fresh and smoked according to the traditional method with beech wood, sesame seeds, soy edamame, semi-dried tomatoes, mango, Teriyaki sauce, basmati rice and valerian; And the chicken bowl, with grilled chicken fileni with flaked almonds, corn, grilled peppers, pineapple, Teriyaki sauce with chilli, basmati rice and valerian. Now the chicken is from a 100% Italian supply chain, raised on the ground. Furthermore, relying on the interest of consumers and on the experience acquired, DimmidiSì proposes, for the new season, a revised range, confirming the two 2021 proposals to which, at the request of consumers, increased the amount of rice by 30%.

Finally, for the fifth consecutive year the co-marketing collaboration with Gardaland amusement park, which proves to be a happy marriage: after Coca-Cola and Sammontana, Dimmidi Yes is the one with a higher one retention. In fact, La Linea Verde promotes collaboration on the packaging of the most targeted products, giving away one free ticket every three. Furthermore, inside the park, La Linea Verde sponsors the “L’Ortobruco” attraction.

The 2021 success of the DimmidiSì Poke Bowls, the first to enter large-scale distribution as a consumer product packaged in this segment, at a cost of around € 4.5 per pack, once again demonstrates the ability of La Linea Verde to intercept emerging tastes and anticipate the times, attracting new targets and giving lymph to the fruit and vegetable refrigerated counter business. To demonstrate this, the Poke Bowl entered the Istat 2022 basket of Italians among food products.

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