Potato milk, a dairy substitute with multiple benefits

With a creamy texture, it is one of the most sustainable vegetable drinks on the market

Vegetable products have become one of the food alternatives with the highest demand in recent yearsdue to concern about climate change. In addition, the growing interest in knowing the path that food travels until it reaches the table has opened up the panorama to constantly innovate.

These products, especially those that replace dairy products such as milk, are gradually gaining popularity. Almond milk, oat milk or soy milk are the most consumed vegetable drinks by consumers. In turn, more substitutes have emerged, such as potato milk.

Potato milk is a vegetable product that uses potatoes as its main ingredient.. Its texture and flavor are similar to milk of animal origin. One of the most remarkable points of potato milk is its sustainability. Generates less COtwo than dairy farming, it uses only half the farmland of oats and 56 times less water in its production than almond milk.

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Although the recipe -created by the Swedish company DUG (start up belonging to lund vegetables), specialized in research and production of novel vegan foods – is an industrial secret, that is, it cannot be revealed to the general public, the product is the result of applying heat to the potatoes and then emulsifying them with rapeseed oil. To prepare it at home, ingredients such as coconut and almond oil are added to enhance its flavor.

The health benefits of potato milk are multiple. As it does not contain gluten or lactose, it is recommended for those who suffer from intolerances or allergies; provides vitamins B6, D and C, antioxidants and calcium; it is low in saturated fats and sugars; rich in proteins and minerals; and its consumption is useful during the digestive process.

Although potato milk was previously marketed in powder form, it began to be known throughout the worldmainly in Europe, when the producer originally from Sweden began its distribution. It was in Sweden itself and in the United Kingdom where marketing began through the internet or through the distribution chain Waitrose. Later it came to China and it is expected to expand to more countries.

Its texture is creamy and there are three flavors available on the market: original, barista, which is ideal for foaming, and sugar-free.

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