Porridge? Meet and discover how to prepare this delicious breakfast with oatmeal

They say out there that the breakfast It is one of the most important foods we have because it depends a lot on the energy we have throughout the day to perform and carry out activities correctly. Precisely for this reason, an infinity of options has been shown and with one of the most important cereals such as oats. The oatmeal As many know, it has become a great option for the charitable contribution between soluble fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, folic acid and B vitamins.

Now him porridgeOne of the recipes that we bring you today is an extremely popular and typical option of the English. Despite this, it has been pointed out that it was actually the Greeks who would invent it. There is information that it would be in the British Isles, specifically from the Celts, which is why it is also known as one of the typical breakfasts in Scotland. .