Pork ribs in tamarind sauce: Recipe to make them at home

The Grilled pork ribs are one of the plates most delicious we can have, whether to enjoy the weekend with the family or simply to pamper ourselves with a delicious dish, the best of all is that the sauce what we add can be spicy, sweet, salad OR acidicanything goes, that’s why this time we will teach you how to prepare some delicious pork ribs in tamarind sauce.

For this recipe we will make a rub simple that will allow us to flavor our ribs In addition to complementing the saucethis will give you a pretty touch aromatic to meat that you will be able to notice at the end of the recipe, we will also use tamarind pulpthat you can easily get in markets and self-service stores, just take care that you do not carry sugars added, because we need the pulp to be natural so that the flavors of the recipes are balanced.