Pontón (BNG) accuses Feijóo of saying goodbye “with propaganda” and regrets that “he puts the PP first”


The national spokeswoman for the BNG, Ana Pontón, has criticized that the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, “Say goodbye to Galicia with propaganda and without giving solutions to the Galician men and women”.

In an act organized by the Ferrol Press Club, the leader of the nationalist front affirmed that Galicia “needs a solid and future alternative” and assured that “It is evident that at this moment the Galician Government has left Galicians out in the open.”

“It hurts me,” he added, “that Galicia is used to put the interests of the PP first. “We do not deserve this, especially the people who trusted Feijoo,” he said.

On the departure of Núñez Feijóo from the presidency of the Xunta, Pontón stressed that the Galicians “They have to bet on what is good to know and there the alternative is very clear: it is the BNG”.

“We are working with all the humility and with all the ambition of the country to gain more confidence and give hope to this country because Galicia has an immense future”has remarked.

Pontoon, you said that “what is needed” is “a government that thinks of Galiciansthat he trusts his potential and that he looks more here and less in Madrid”.

The Bloc’s national spokeswoman also criticized the tax reduction proposal promoted by Feijóo for this year. “It is true that he made a reduction of personal income tax, but how is that reduction?”he asked himself.

An income of less than 20,000 euros will pay 20 euros less per year, but for a 60,000, which is a minority, it will be 500 “he explained.

“I am sure that any worker or pensioner prefers to pay 20 euros more in the income statement and have good services and not these tax rebates that benefit those who have the most”has assured. In that sense, he lamented that “Feijóo is heard that taxes have to be raised on electricity companies, because his philosophy is to embrace the electricity lobby.”

Finally, the leader of the BNG assured that the regional government is “absent” in the face of the problems caused by the current crisis and regretted that Feijóo “use the presidency of the Xunta to defend partisan interests, throw balls out and look for culprits, without providing solutions”. “These days she made many announcements, but none of them are in the DOG”, she has finished.