Planet Farms, salads from vertical farms from 16 September in large-scale distribution

The salads grown in vertical farming by Planet Farms arrive in the points of sale of Esselunga, Il Viaggiator Goloso, Iper La Grande i, To.Market and in the Milanese dark stores of Gorillas starting from 16 September. Four ready-to-eat references proposed for the launch, enclosed in a colorful packaging in FSC certified material: blond baby lettuce and three mixes of salads, Spicy, Oriental and Delicate. All references are produced in the Planet Farms factory in Cavenago di Brianzawhich with its 10 thousand square meters is the largest vertical farming plant in Europe, without the use of pesticides and with a saving of over 95% of water

From the editorial staff

Planet Farms presents the four launch references grown with the vertical farming technique, ready for consumption: Little blond lettuce and three mixes of salads, Spicy, Oriental and Delicate. Planet Farms branded products can be found starting from 16 September, among other ready-to-eat salads, at the points of sale long Sand subsequently from Il Viaggiator Goloso, Iper La Grande i, To.Market and in Gorillas Milanese dark stores.

the four Planet Farms proposals they have funny, ironic names, similar to exclamations of taste: Lattugood for the lettuce, Very good Spicy, Oriental and Delicate for salad mixes. The products will be located in a colorful packaging in FSC certified material and recyclable in paper which tells the origin of the vegetables and the innovative and sustainable method with which they are grown by Planet Farms: a concrete response to the need for healthy agricultural products, available all year round and with a very low environmental impact.

“We really are proud to see our products on the shelves of renowned large-scale distribution chains. We started four years ago with an idea, a dream that finally comes true: that of cultivating, using resources in a truly responsible way, good and healthy vegetables, available all year round – they say Luca Travaglini and Daniele Benatoffco-founders and co-CEO of Planet Farms -. Our salads grow in the total absence of pesticides, in an uncontaminated environmentensuring product safety and quality. The taste is enhanced right from the choice of seeds, untreated varieties“.

Leaf salads grown thanks to the innovative vertical cultivation system developed by Planet Farms that allows you to perfectly harmonize all parameters necessary for the growth of vegetables, obtaining a good product, rich in nutritional properties and attentive to the environment. In the Planet Farms plant in Cavenago di Brianza – the largest vertical farming plant in Europe, of over 10 thousand square meters on the outskirts of Milan – a seed enters and a packaged product comes out. Approximately 60 seconds pass between the harvest and the packing of the vegetables and the product is delivered the same day: freshness is guaranteed.

Planet Farms salads do not need to be washed thanks to the fully integrated and automated supply chain that ensures not only perfect traceability, but also a total guarantee of quality for a truly unique product that the consumer is the first to touch. This process gives rise to products with organoleptic properties and amazing flavors and does so in a totally sustainable way, without compromise. Zero pesticides, zero residues, over 95% of water saved, for a responsible rediscovery of taste.

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