Places to have breakfast in the Zócalo of CDMX 2022

Traveling is also pampering the stomach and the heart. yes of gastronomy the truth is that Mexico is characterized by being one of the countries with an abundant and delicious mix of flavors that has a space for all palates.

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A place where the most famous flavors of the country come together is undoubtedly the Mexican capital, a city that, in addition to being the heart of the country, is the perfect place for a few days to discover the history, culture and museums of the territory.

If you have planned a trip to CDMX but regularly like to choose places to make a varied breakfast yummy, some of the options that we will present in the note can help you have more clarity on where to get your palate.

In CDMX there are a variety of restaurants throughout the area of Historical Centerfrom some with a more street style to others where you can have a little more comfort if you like somewhat more bohemian places, and this will be determined by your tastes.

Next we will present you some well-known places to have breakfast around the perimeter of the Historic Center or Zocalo of the city of mexicoWe give you this point as a reference since it is one of the most famous in the city and a basic point of reference.

If it is about rich breakfasts, a great option is Tony’s Housea space dedicated to traditional Mexican foods where you can start the day with muffins, chilaquiles, sopes, tacos and other traditional foods.

It also has packages that include drinks or extras, the best thing is that you can find branches throughout the city, La Casa de Toño closest to the Zócalo is located at Francisco I. Madero 20 Local 212-216, Cuauhtemoc City Hall.

In the same way, if you prefer a space directly facing the Zócalo, you can choose to have breakfast in one of the terraces that are located on the sides of the main square, one of the most requested is the Balcony of the Zocalo Located on Av. 5 de Mayo, it has a large and beautiful terrace, together with a varied menu of drinks and typical foods.

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another classic is The Cardinal with a great traditional Mexican menu, plus the bread and tortillas are entirely by hand. It is located at Calle de la Palma N. 23 in the Cuauhtémoc delegation.

If you are still looking for breakfasts that take you back to the most traditional of Mexico City, you cannot leave without having tried the foods of Tacuba Coffeewhere the diner can find the traditional mole of the area and live mariachi, as its name indicates, it is located at 28 Tacuba Street in the heart of the Historic Center.