Pía Quintana: cooking is an act of love

During more than 20 years of career, in which he has collaborated in star-awarded restaurants Michelin What The Bulli, on rosesoh Arzak on San Sebastian, SpainHe has transformed his love for Mexican cuisine into a lifestyle that he wants to share with all those who seek a pampering in a dish.

today the chef Pia Quintana presents The art of simplicity. “If I hadn’t chosen the simple, mine would be a book of ego. I have worked in spectacular restaurants, I have worked in super luxury hotels, however, not even I have been able to replicate their recipes at home, so from all this knowledge of ingredients, of techniques, I thought how to bring it closer to the housewife or the case master, because men also cook, so I decided to make a book that is used”, he told 24 HOURS Pia Quintana Beristain.

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In it, the chef has as a premise that food not only nourishes, but is also a means of coexistence. With over 100 masterfully photographed recipes, she includes breakfast, appetizers, tacos, tostadas, salads, vegetables, soups, seafood, desserts, and cocktails. A proposal that seeks to remove the fear of all those people who believe that they do not know how to cook or that a duck can only be prepared by someone very experienced. At the same time, she pays homage to the local and shows us that a cauliflower, some carrots or a beet can be the protagonist of a table with long tablecloths.

“A lot of people don’t like to cook because they think it’s very complicated, that it’s intimidating, that it’s scary. So I try to take them by the hand to discover ingredients that without realizing it you find in the supermarket or in the market. That’s where the fear of products and techniques that sound intimidating and that in the end can be done easily at home comes from”; the chef added.

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The also partner of the restaurant La Lupita Taco & Mezcal on Lower California, What he intends with The Art of the Simple is to bring people closer to this world, which he says is not that complicated, in addition to making the kitchen a means of coexistence.

In love with making books, for the simple fact of capturing what she has in her mind and being able to share it is something that motivates her, she comments that this book was conceived during the pandemic because, like many of her colleagues, the chef was locked up in home and virtually, cooking at home created a cookbook to raise funds that were donated to medical assistance and the other part to Chiapas farmers.

“I try to make this a book that is used, I like books that come off the pages, that get stained, that get dirty because that means that they are using it, that’s why I try to simplify to remove the fear of the kitchen, embodied in a way more for mortals, friendly, that is understood, because how many books are there that you cannot understand their recipe, “concluded the Mexican chef and also the author of Healthy Mexico.

In these pages there are no pretensions, but rather the results of hours of emotional experiments in the kitchen. The dishes are, above all, a reflection of respect for the ingredients, he maintains. Praising the flavor and not disguising it is chef Pía’s golden rule, as she considers it necessary to make “a cuisine of our time: simple, therapeutic and delicious.”

What you should know

In this book, the chef also makes visible to some sustainable gardens, artisans who produce tableware, cloth napkins and many other tasks that have to do with the world of gastronomy but that are, from her point of view, “wonderful”.