Photo gallery: businessmen and politicians parade through the Coviar Breakfast

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At the Park Hyatt hotel, politics and business met for a new Coviar Breakfast, the wine corporation headed by winemaker José Zuccardi.

The table of authorities will have two strong figures: on the one hand, Governor Rodolfo Suarez. On the other, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Nation, Julián Domínguez.

The Coviar Breakfast is the traditional meeting between the political leadership and the wine world where announcements are expected for the sector.

Among other points, Zuccardi is expected to request the elimination of export duties after two years in which local wineries have increased their sales abroad during this pandemic period. And in that case, that the Nation sets a more competitive exchange rate. However, in the sector there is now expectation of a new context: the war in Ukraine, which could limit exports.

For his part, Domínguez clarified this Friday – at a meeting of the Federal Investment Council – that wine businessmen will not have what they want to hear: a drop in withholdings greater than 500,000 dollars.

The meeting at the five-star hotel is the first activity of this intense Saturday that will conclude with the Central Act of the Grape Harvest Festival.

For this reason, in addition to provincial and national officials, the guests also stand out. Among them, a selection sent by the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. But radicalism has also invited the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, the Buenos Aires senator Martín Lousteau and the Cordovan deputy Mario Negri.

For its part, the Frente de Todos landed in Mendoza with a significant number of officials. Daniel Scioli reappeared, current ambassador to Brazil, who knows the Harvest well because he has come in previous years when he was governor in Buenos Aires. Also Fernanda Raverta, the head of the Anses, who will make an announcement for the retirement regime of the vintners together with the Mendoza senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti.

The mayor of Capital Ulpiano Suarez and Marcelo Costa, now trustee of Banco Nación.

Martín Lousteau and Pamela Verasay from Mendoza, former colleagues in the Senate.

Former Governor Francisco Gabrielli with Martín Hinojosa from INV -from behind- and Eduardo Sancho, from Fecovita.

Two references from La Cámpora, Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Marisa Uceda.

The ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli.

The radical deputy from Córdoba, Mario Negri.

The Minister of Health, Ana María Nadal, together with the gastronomic businesswoman, Beatriz Barbera.

The governor of Jujuy and president of the UCR, Gerardo Morales.

The former governor, Arturo Lafalla, with the referents of the Green Party, Mario Vadillo and Marcelo Romano.

The former governor and current national deputy, Julio Cobos.

Three radicals with strong responsibilities: Dalmiro Garay, Natalio Mema and Sergio Marinelli.