Petro will meet with liberal congressmen next Wednesday

Gustavo Petro got more than four million votes in the inter-party consultation on March 13.

Photo: Carlos Ortega

Will the dialogues between Gustavo Petro and the Liberal Party be completely broken? Apparently, there are still possibilities for the red congressmen to build an alliance with the leftist leader who is running for the presidency for the third time.

El Espectador was able to confirm that next Wednesday (March 30), presidential candidate Gustavo Petro will meet with some parliamentarians from the community led by former president César Gaviria.

According to some liberal legislators, it will be a breakfast with part of the caucus and those who are in sympathy with Petro’s proposal or who definitely would not accept the collective mandate to support Federico Gutiérrez, a right-wing candidate, would attend.

Some of them would be summoned by liberals who are closer to the senator from Colombia Humana. The breakfast would take place after former president César Gaviria, as director of the party, decided to break any possibility of an alliance between his community and the Historical Pact.

Despite the criticism, since before the inter-party consultations were held, Petro was having bridges with Gaviria because part of his strategy was to expand his alliances beyond the left. Thus, due to its strong political structure, the Liberal Party appears as the great jewel in the crown to win the Presidency and Petro tried, through two publicly known meetings, to obtain the support of Gaviria and the Liberals.

However, that possibility was diminished last Wednesday. That day, in the afternoon, Gaviria hid behind alleged hate messages from Francia Márquez, Petro’s vice-presidential formula, to destroy the rapprochement with the Historical Pact. This, despite the fact that Gaviria had specified with his caucus in the Chamber that the decision whether or not to join Petro would be collective and would not be taken alone.

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