Perfect fried egg, so you can achieve this classic dish for today’s breakfast

A good fried egg can not be missing at your table at lunchtime breakfastthis classic of food morning snacks is as easy to prepare as frying a egg in it panhowever, prepare it the way perfect and leaving it at its exact point can be an art, that’s why we will teach you how to achieve this in a easy so that you always start the day with a delicious dish and a perfect fried egg.

The key to achieving fried egg perfect is in two very important factors, the oil and the temperature of it, it is important to monitor these two aspects in order to achieve a egg fried with the bud intact, the clear well cooked and that fried edge that everyone is fascinated by, also, although it is not strictly necessary, if your pan it is non-stickIt will help a lot in preparing your egg.