Pedro Evia conquers Madrid with his new restaurant Q78

With a concept he calls «gastromezcal»the Yucatecan chef Pedro Evia will now show off his kitchen from Madrid. Your new restaurant Q78, is a space that has Mexican gastronomy and mezcal as its central axes. Keep reading and know all the details of this recent opening. Photos: Courtesy and Freddy Peñaloza.

To the Mexican

Madrid is the home of Q78, the new project of chef Pedro Evia whose flagship is Mexican cuisine. Your name, Q78, It refers to the agave drinks that are a fundamental part of the project. The letter Q symbolizes the quiote, and the numbers that accompany it correspond to the year in which the tequila was registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization, 1978.

The Q78 proposal, also called a gastromezcal, Its the an authentic and original cuisine, “very much from my roots and stories”says the chef. This will be combined with the benefits of artisanal mezcal from more than 10 brands and its different varieties..

For the creation of this place they had to spend 10 years of frequenting the city of Madrid, all as part of the chef’s work to promote Mexican cuisine. “We wanted to do it with local partners and allied people that we had worked with before, so now it all came together perfectly. We were modifying according to how we were knowing the Madrid market and the offer of Mexican restaurants that it has«, Pedro Evia told us in an interview. A) Yes, finally on May 6 they opened their doors on the street Villalar of the Spanish capital.

The flavors of Pedro Evia

A frank and colorful Mexican cuisine, rich in errands and slow cooking, is what will be present in Q78. «It is not a 100% Yucatecan restaurantbut since I have deep-rooted roots, I cannot deny that a large part of it is in my kitchen proposal”, confesses Pedro Evia.

So on the menu there is star dishes that became famous since its k’u’uk restaurantin Mérida, like the cochinita pibil or the aguachile negro, one of his most replicated inventions in Mexico. But also there is presence of several regions of the country, that will shine through preparations such as the mole, the drowned cakes, the ceviches and carnitas.


«The flavors of firewood, charcoal, Yucatecan errands and sour orange These are some of the things we want to make known”, anticipates the chef. One of his dishes with his history is the yucatecan lentil stew, who has memories of his mother. There is also corn to captivate, as in the Tetelas of purple corn stuffed with pork beans, pork rib and goat cheesewith guajillo sauce and nopales salad.

For its correct operation, the chef will stay three months in Madrid at the start and then he will be traveling constantly. The idea is that, eating at Q78, trips to Mexico through its techniques and products, a task that Pedro Evia qualifies as quite feasible.

«Getting ingredients is difficult for those who do not know how to solve it, but we we are preparing to make direct imports. I do not bring them to be exclusive to my restaurant, but to support the industry and make them increasingly visible. In addition, here many things are achieved and we will adapt. The easy thing would be to use Iberian products, but I don’t like easy. Let’s hold the line use mexican products“, it states.

a crazy cook

Chef Pedro Evia has 17 own restaurants and oversees a little more than a dozen franchises in Mexico, so Q78 is one of his most desired conquests on another continent. «It is difficult for those who put up barriers, but like us, very crazy, nothing is impossible», ensures.

Chef Pedro Eva

Together with his partner, Eduardo Rukos, Pedro Evia has a concept in Q78 that has had full days since they opened. «I don’t like to go with the conventional and with everything that everyone does, not only in proposals but also in how to do things. I like to get into the kitchen, it excites me to go out to the tables and explain what we are doing, “says the chef. In this way, the restaurant and Mexican cuisine will continue to shine abroad. Do not hesitate to meet him soon! Where: C. Villalar, 6, Madrid.

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