Patagonia, the place to enjoy an Argentine brunch in CDMX

You, how do you enjoy a good brunch? On ArgentinaThis moment of the day is lived differently from other places, because instead of having a buffet table, à la carte dishes are ordered, which you can accompany with a delicious and aromatic coffee, a fresh juice or even a cocktail.

In the Mexico Cityon the corner of Campeche and Saltillo, in the Condesa neighborhood, is Patagonia Country Grillsubtly scented by the delicious ingredients that heat the ovens of this kitchen, where in addition to its characteristic range of cuts of meat, it offers a late breakfast in which he mixes the traditional Argentine with the Mexican.

Whether with family, friends or as a couple, lunch is one of the best times of the day to enjoy delicious sandwiches and in Patagonia they know it. Here are glimpses of the traditional mexican foodso you can whet your appetite with a quesadilla with cheese, spinach, purslane, rosemary and watercress, accompanied by refried beans and a green sauce.

(Photo: Maricela Flores)

It should be noted that in this place it is almost obligatory to try the invoices, which in Mexico we know as sweet bread. However, although it is bread, these pieces are different from each other, since in Argentina there are other shapes, sizes, colors and flavors that are worth trying.

Just to mention an example, what in Mexico we know as cuernitos or croissants, in Argentina they are called half moonswhich can be stuffed with ham and cheese. They also have laminates which can be filled with pastry cream or the traditional dulce de leche.

If you want to start with something more substantial, you cannot miss the toasted ham and cheese accompanied by a good coffee, which is super traditional in Argentina; or the green chilaquilesthat are typical of our country for lunch.

(Photo: Maricela Flores)

Of course, you can not leave Patagonia without trying their dessertswhere you can find from chocolate and dulce de leche alfajores, branch chocolate and Moroccoa typical sweet chocolate and peanut butter.

(Photo: Maricela Flores)

A cocktail for brunch?

At brunch it can be accompanied with a good coffee or a freshly made juice, but how about a cocktail? In this place, multiculturalism is appreciated, so the bitter is the perfect ally for a surprising drink.

Bitter Di Battista will become the star ingredient of the bar in Patagonia, since the cocktails made with this herbal liqueur can be paired with the range of dishes that Patagonia offers, whether it is a classic Negroni or a Vermouth Di Battista.

Vermouth Di Battista. (Photo: Maricela Flores)

Where? Campeche #345, Condesa neighborhood, Mexico City.

Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 00:00.

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