Parents from El Alto announce that they will install strike pickets –


Jorge Quispe / La Paz

The Regional Coordinator of Mothers and Fathers of Families (Corempaf) of El Alto announced today to install hunger strike pickets to demand that the Mayor’s Office restitute the annual operating plans of four years ago. The organization called Federation of Family Parents (Fedepaf) defended the municipality and maintained that the coordinator responds to political interests.

“We will continue to maintain our pressure measures, now we are preparing to install tomorrow (today) the first hunger strike pickets and we are going to request the intervention of the Church, the Ombudsman and Human Rights,” explained Evaristo Cruz, leader of the Corempaf. On Thursday, parents from El Alto summoned by that organization carried out “the blockade of a thousand corners” to demand that Mayor Eva Copa return the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 annual operating plans (POAS).

According to Cruz, 100 parents have already signed up to participate in the first hunger strike pickets starting today.

From the Mayor’s Office, Copa indicated that the resources of previous years are reversed and that the parents should have claimed that money from the previous mayor Soledad Chapetón, however, the parents hope that these funds will be returned.

They will define other measures

“They have to give us back what is missing from the 40 million Bolivians that each administration gives for education, because it is false that they build complete classrooms,” Cruz protested. The organization will meet this weekend and will evaluate the new measures for next week.

The Corempaf will define if they go to a strike of 48 hours, 72 hours and an indefinite strike.

“In addition, we are asking for a readjustment to the budget for school breakfast, care and maintenance in educational units without seeing the political color and also the restitution of health and sports budgets,” Cruz added to journalists. The coordinator also demanded that the General Comptroller of the State intervene because, according to them, the destination of other economic resources is not known.

Copa dissolved in April the contract with the state EBA (Bolivian Food Company) for the provision of school breakfast; however, discontent continues in some sectors of the parents.

In this context, the Fedepaf executive, Jenny Arce, came out yesterday in defense of the Alteña Mayor’s Office and pointed out that the municipality is working to improve the conditions of the educational units and the school breakfast, but also accused the Corempaf leaders of “obey political interests”.

On Thursday, some municipal authorities also minimized the blockade and pointed out that the mobilization against Mayor Copa “is political.”

Mayor Copa, who on May 7 took a crowd bath at the Villa Ingenio stadium before more than 20,000 people in the Alteñidad Assembly on the way to the census, faced her first major mobilization against her management in a city on Thursday. where there are three federations of neighborhood associations and in some cases they extort money from neighbors to protest.

receive per year, according to parents,
for education. The sector asks the Mayor
that four POAS be returned to them since 2019.