Parents block the streets of La Paz for the maintenance of schools – La Razón

The mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, announced that the Mayor’s Office has Bs 20 million for school infrastructure maintenance works in the municipality.

Parents from different educational units in La Paz blocked several points in the city this Wednesday, demanding that the Mayor maintain the school infrastructure, provide biosafety supplies and even a “healthy” school breakfast.

From early hours, on Buenos Aires Avenue, at the height of the Cable Car Yellow Line station, the school boards of the Cotahuma Macrodistrict blocked the road demanding maintenance of the infrastructure of the sector’s educational units, the delivery of school breakfast “in good conditions” and the provision of biosafety supplies for the prevention of COVID-19 infections in face-to-face classes.

“Each dad has to pay a fee of Bs 50 (even, up to) Bs 100 to buy alcohol, soap. We can’t spend that money,” Susana Condori, a mother from the Japan Educational Unit, claimed in a contact with the digital transmission of La Razón Radio.

On the other hand, the parents of the Agustín Aspiazu Educational Unit, in the Sopocachi area, blocked the avenues 20 de Octubre and 6 de Agosto and demanded that the municipal authorities maintain the infrastructure of that establishment, mainly its bathrooms. which, they said, “are in a sorry state.”

A few minutes from that sector, in the San Pedro area, parents from the República de Cuba Educational Unit blocked General Gonzales Street, near Sucre Square, with the same demands.

For his part, Mayor Iván Arias described the mobilized as “intransigent, eternal leaders who make politics” and said that he has Bs 20 million for the renovation of the infrastructure of these educational centers.

“They do not communicate to their bases and say that the budget is not enough and, of course, that it is not, the schools were forgotten,” the mayor questioned on his official Twitter account.