Parents block the La Guardia double lane, demand school breakfast and items

Very early this Monday, a group of parents, after struggling for several hours with a contingent of police officers, managed to settle on the double lane to La Guardia, at kilometer 13, demanding the delivery of school breakfast in the units educational, disbursement for the cleaning service and purchase of biosafety material.

Carmela Rojas, president of the parents’ association, in contact with EL DEBER Radio, said they are tired ofl breach of the commitments signed by the interim mayor of La Guardia, Rufino Correa, and that is why they decided to take to the streets to protest.

“The expenses of the cleaning service and the biosafety material are borne by the parents of parents, The Mayor’s Office has not given even a chinstrap to schools “said Rojas, who was surprised by the number of police officers who came to the scene before the blockade announced for this day.

Among his demands are the improvement of infrastructures, since he assures that there are schools that have not even been painted; In addition to the installation of the Internet in all educational units, the humanistic technical baccalaureate, provision of education items with IDH resources and the national minimum wage for administrative staff.

According to his statement, the lockdown is indefinite. They demand dialogue with the Mayor’s Office.