Papaya, avocado, cooked ham tropical breakfast recipe

One of the most delicious, healthy and fast dishes is the tropical breakfast recipe of papaya, avocado, cooked ham, a delicacy that can be on your table in just a few minutes. It is known that the origin of papaya comes from Tropical Americawhere it was cultivated by its inhabitants before the arrival of the Spanish. Since the arrival of Columbus, it began to be exported to other areas, which is why it is currently cultivated even in countries such as Australia, Africa and America. We must always remember the importance of having a healthy breakfast, full of the nutrients and energy that we will need later throughout the day.

Different varieties of papayas are known, some of them are:

  • Hawaiian papayaFruit: this fruit is pear-shaped, and its weight varies from 400 to 800 grams. Of its variety, it is known as the sweetest, which is why this is the one that is most used to make juices.
  • Papaya TainungPapaya: this type of papaya stands out for having a red flesh and an intense aroma. The weight of each can be approximately 1 kilo.
  • papaya maradol: Although this papaya is also usually pear-shaped, it is more elongated. It can weigh between 1.5 and 2 kilos.
  • The benefits of eating this tropical breakfast recipe of papaya, avocado, cooked ham, come from the consumption of its natural and exquisite ingredients, for example, papaya helps relieve and prevent constipation, improves the digestion process, is also a high source of antioxidants, has great properties of vitamin Cand even more than orange. It also has high levels of vitamin A.


    • 1 piece papaya
    • 4 slices of serrano ham
    • 1 avocado


    1. To start preparing this easy tropical breakfast recipe of papaya, avocado, cooked ham, The first thing you will do is peel and chop the papaya.
    2. next thing will be chop the avocado to your preference.
    3. On a griddle, with just a touch of oil, add the ham and cook on both sides until just starting to brown. Keep in mind that it will already have a salty touch when cooked, do not add salt.
    4. Serve yourself a good plate with all these ingredients ordered and separated and enjoy this tropical breakfast recipe of papaya, avocado, cooked ham.

    With this dish it has never been so easy to prepare a breakfast or even a snack, since its ingredients are so healthy that you can even eat it as a snackperfect to offer to your guests when they arrive as a surprise.

    If you find this recipe interesting, feel free to share! In addition to being very quick, it is also quite cheap and is made with ingredients that we commonly have at home.