Papa John’s launches new breakfast menu

Costa Rica, May 2022. Papa John’s, the fastest growing franchise in Costa Rica in the last 3 years, has incorporated a new service in its restaurants since May: Papa John’s Breakfast, designed to transfer its proposal of better ingredients, to this morning segment.

The brand presents an innovative and differentiated menu to make breakfasts a unique and unrepeatable experience; but that, in addition, combine with a fast and productive lifestyle by being able to find them in restaurants strategically located in the city in points of high traffic and movement for Costa Ricans.

Papa John’s breakfast menu is as varied and complete as the flavors that have always characterized us and that our people love so much.

This menu proposal is led by the Papadía, a dish that takes the idea of ​​a sandwich to the next level, in its breakfast version it has the characteristic cheese, egg and a choice of rich ham, crispy bacon or vegetables.

The new breakfast line also includes wrapstequeños and waffleswith option of Chicken & Waffles. Not least the delicious desserts and sweet dishes from Papa John’s such as chocolate-hazelnut rolls or cinnamon knots, perfect to accompany coffee. Finally, the tasty pizzas, which are never too early or too late to taste them.

coffee is always important

Every breakfast tastes better if we also accompany it with a good cup of coffee with the best quality and the best aroma, aligned to the standard of the best ingredients, and what better than Brit Cafe.

Harvested by hand and packaged to protect the aroma and Panamanian tradition, Café BRIT elevates the Papa John’s Breakfast experience with its varieties to choose between an American coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte designed to perfectly combine with the best Papa dishes. John’s, both for breakfast and during the rest of the day when it is available (lunch, snack and dinner).

“At Papa John’s we are known for the quality of our products, and for our proposal of Best Ingredients. It is almost natural to transfer that standard to an offer of breakfast dishes and with the same guarantee. Our consumers will be able to enjoy a variety of proposals, as differentiating in the morning as our pizza flavors are the rest of the day”, said Reynaldo Treminio, General Manager of Drake Food Service Central America.

“Without a doubt, the arrival of breakfast at Papa John’s represents a delicious and practical option for all those professionals, parents, young people who are looking for quality breakfasts with excellent ingredients, but in an easy and timely way for their rhythm and morning routine” , Treminius commented.

The new Papa John’s breakfasts are available from 8:00 am in 17 physical stores throughout our country, as well as on the website; the mobile application “Papa John’s” or by calling the Call Center 2258-9999 for in-store pickups.

About Drake Food Service International

The Drake Food Service International (DFSI) group is the main worldwide Franchisee of the Papa John’s Brand with 441 restaurants spread over 7 countries, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Panama, Guatemala, United Kingdom, and Costa Rica, this last where it already has 48 stores nationwide.