Pandemic is not over yet, says infectologist Alejandro Macías

Leon, Guanajuato.- As long as there are positive cases of COVID-19 and it is unknown whether the subvariant BA.2 of Omicron will arrive in Mexico, as has happened in Europe and the United Statesit cannot be said that the pandemic is over.

This was said by the infectologist Alexander Macias Hernandezand emphasized that until the authorities of Health do not declare that the pandemic is over, it is convenient for the population to maintain the precautions to avoid further infections.

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But he acknowledged that he can still missing time for this to occur and to move to an endemic stage of the disease.

“It should be noted that, indeed, the recent news is encouraging and it is evident from what the authority of Healthas from what we clinicians are seeing that cases have been significantly reduced in Guanajuato, and according to the information of the Ministry of Health they are being reported days without deathswhich is very good news.

Today 158 cases of coronavirus were detected in Guanajuato.

Now, on the other hand, you don’t have to send the message that everything is over and that we overcome the pandemic because this is not yet the case, as long as there are still positive cases and as long as we do not know if the Ómicron subvariant BA.2 is going to come and cause a rebound in Mexico as has happened in other countries, we cannot say that this is over,” he stressed.

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The specialist who was the National Commissioner for the Attention of the Influenza Pandemic in 2009, considered that despite the decrease in infections and deaths by COVID, the population must maintain preventive measures such as use of the maskfrequent hand washing and avoid crowds.

I think we should send a message of moderate optimismsay ‘let’s see, everything seems to be evolving well, we are heading towards what seems to be the end of the pandemic’, but as long as it is not declared that this is over, it is convenient maintain precautionsthat people avoid riots, that we still use the mask indoors and that we wait for the Health authority to finally tell us that this is over, “he exhorted.

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