Palate log: The presence of the taco

Years ago, on one of my first visits to the Central de Abastos, my father took me to eat an armored taco next to the banking area. In the tumult of diners, hands came out from behind a stew bar with colorful plates that delivered a good tortilla with a bean smear, a spoonful of rice and the stew that each client selected. Those were the days of the town taco, where we didn’t talk about corn, humidity, nixtamalization and much less about elegance, class or luxury restaurants where there was a taco. Those years of the plaza taco, the basket taco, the rice and egg taco on the outskirts of the work are behind us. Today eating a taco, for some, represents an action where art, memory and nostalgia coexist with a simple flavor that contains several elements that make it more complex, more gourmet and even more expensive.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the restaurant Quintonil and in memory of some of us who visited eight years ago, That avocado taco with a pinch of salt that chef Jorge Vallejo timidly delivered to the table shared with Fer Rivarola still vibrates. Carolina Bazán, Rodolfo Guzmán and various chefs from Latin America who visited him for the first time.