Other about the rapes in Burjassot and Vila-real: “This is fought with education and prevention”

CASTELLO. (CP/PS). “The episodes lived these two weeks show how necessary that Valencian Strategy for Sexual Violence was, because the first objective of this strategy is sexual education from the age of six.” This is how the Vice President and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies, Monica Oltrato the alleged group sexual assaults that occurred in Burjassot and Vila-real in just two weeks.

Asked about this issue at an informative breakfast held in Castelló on the Valencian Inclusion Income, Oltra has argued that these acts are fought “with education and prevention from a very young age.” “We must educate in sexual freedom, respect for the sexual freedom of the other person and be clear that sexuality is something to share from the freedom, knowledge, respect and exploration of the pleasure of each person”, has insisted the Vice President of the Valencian Government.

Likewise, Mónica Oltra has recalled that the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies has a protection system for minors that is oriented towards a socio-educational variant, not punishment. “We must educate these minors, so that they are aware of the damage they have done and that this damage must be repaired. They must be clear that in life we ​​must respect people, people’s freedom and the law,” he said. .

The danger of messages from the extreme right

Oltra has also referred to the “dangerousness” that messages from the extreme right can have on minors or adolescents who are not yet mature enough. The vice president has given as an example a parliamentary debate held recently in which a representative of VOX defended “that the law of the Yes is yes it is harmful to men”. Faced with this statement, Mónica Oltra wondered “how a law that prioritizes people’s sexual freedom, respect and mutual consent can be harmful to men”. “What does VOX mean? , that men can go around raping people?”, Oltra has questioned.

Finally, the head of the Equality portfolio has made an appeal to condemn this type of messages that cheer sexual assaults or that go against the rights and sexual freedom of women.

On the other hand, the deputy for Compromís in Congress, Joan Baldovi, He expressed this Tuesday “a great deal of concern” about the latest group violations committed in Burjassot and Vila-real which, as he added, have been committed by “minor and young people from here.” Baldoví expressed himself in this way at a press conference prior to the Board of Spokespersons when asked about the Law on Guarantees of Sexual Freedom, known as the ‘only yes is yes’ Law, acknowledging his concern about “sexual violence and the age of those who commit it”.

“Any rule that serves to improve the safety of women will have our vote in favor,” Compromís has advanced, alluding to the debate on the rule, which could foreseeably be approved in Congress in mid-May. On the other hand, the deputy has also referred to the debate generated around prostitution to regret that “some are in too much of a hurry in a debate that has to be much more serene”. “Who does not agree with the abolition of prostitution? Another thing is how,” he warned, in disagreement with the current approach of the PSOE. “We are all in favor, another thing is how it is done. If they have waited three years to raise this issue, we can wait months to get a response as consensual as possible,” he has settled.