open registration for vacation

As of this March 13, inscriptions are enabled to access the places of the program Social Tourismwhich offers stays at a cost of $1,200 per day with all meals included.

The plan allows the possibility of vacationing on dates in the months of April and May, offering destinations such as the Buenos Aires town of Chapadmalal and Embalse, in Córdoba. The requirement is to complete a form from the tourism portfolio website:

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The Social Tourism benefit for ANSES beneficiaries who have negative certification and offers a stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

The destinations are complexes that were refurbished during the last season and declared National Historic Landmarks. These are the Tourist Units of Chapadmalal and reservoir.

It should be noted that the travel dates are from April 19 to 25. Then, starting on Sunday, March 20, registrations will be launched to vacation for $ 1,200 between April 26 and May 2.

Among the highlights we can mention that the rate includes full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner, without drinks.

In addition, the stay is 6 nights and check-in to the hotel is on Tuesday and check-out on Monday. An important fact is that transportation is not included in the service and is the responsibility of the traveler.

From the Ministry of Tourism they clarified that registration does not guarantee automatic access to the requested place. This is due to the high demand, so the program contemplates one trip per year per person.

Finally, the National Directorate of Social Tourism confirmed two phone numbers to answer all user questions: (54-11) 4951-6099 and WhatsApp (54-11) 4026-4232.