Olé presents a special recipe “Arepas in the best style” |

Venezuelan gastronomy conquers palates and there is nothing more representative than the arepa, a food that permeates homes thanks to its peculiar aroma that captivates anyone, and this bread of ours admits a great infinity of fillings and companions, which make this dish a true icon of our history.

Olé presents us with a special recipe that can be made in a very simple way, ideal to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner or at any time of the day. If you are craving a delicious stuffed arepa, follow this simple step by step and give your meals a different flavor.






▪️Corn jar from @olefoods_venezuela

▪️Traditional Sauteed Tomato Sauce from @olefoods_venezuela

▪️Mince chicken


▪️Garlic powder



▪️ In a bowl we incorporate water, a pinch of salt, add the flour and mix.

▪️ In a pan, add a little oil and knead the mixture until it shapes our arepas and then incorporate them.

▪️ Next, we open a jar of corn and traditional tomato sauce from @olefoods_venezuela.

▪️ We add oil, minced chicken, pepper, garlic powder, add our sauce and let it boil for 5 minutes.

▪️ We ended up incorporating our corn from @olefoods_venezuela.

The arepa is the Venezuelan heart, a blank canvas that serves as a muse for some ingredient or preparation that seeks to connect with all those who enjoy its flavors, its processes and its ability to unite the whole family, and especially, all a country. Olé Foods Venezuela wants to give your dishes that differentiating touch, making them a source of pride, anywhere in the world.

From nature to your table

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With this recipe for yellow corn arepas you will never get bored of your meals. You can change the flavors whenever you want without any problem. If you have never tried them, this is the time to do it, you are going to love them!