Oatmeal smoothie with lemon: What benefits does it have and how is it prepared?; here we tell you everything

Feeling fatigued when waking up is one of the most common sensations that can exist, because although we come “just cleansed” after those 6 or 8 hours of sleep, the truth is that it is not always enough and we constantly feel that we lack energy, but if we think about eating a sweet bun, because we practically feel guilty, because we are not doing anything for the diet.

The thoughts in the morning can be very contradictory, because on the one hand we want to have a proper breakfast to lose weight and on the other hand we want something that fills us up and provides Energy. According to us, you can’t have everything in life, but at least these aspects can converge in the same breakfast. It’s hard to believe, yes, but they work, they work. Especially when you lean towards cereals or seeds.