Oatmeal Hot Cakes filled with hazelnut cream, so you can prepare this delicious breakfast

Our breakfast It is not only essential, it is also one of the most important meals that we have throughout the day, a lot of this also depends on our performance in all the activities that we have, it could be good or bad, but it will also depend on what is consumed, for it must be nutritious and delicious. We also know that many people are tired of eating eggs every day and it is not for less, therefore, today we have a completely different option.

This wonderful recipe has not been just an invention, the idea comes from an account of tik tokers what are they called @monksofmunch and the original idea is with normal flour, however, we wanted to make it much healthier and we preferred to change it for a oatmeal that is extremely simple and quick to make. In addition to this, it is much healthier.