Oat bran muffins recipe, a healthy and delicious dessert

Many times we have said that desserts are one of the small pleasures of life that we have and it is not for less. A large number of people will not let us lie about it, since they have tasted endless options, shapes, flavors, colors and sizes, which have managed to make us love them in a thousand ways. Even healthy versions have been created, with the purpose of not stopping consuming them.

This could explain how addicted we are to them and, as much as we maintain a diet, we love to enjoy them. Exactly one of the ingredients which has become the basis for many options for dessertsno doubt that was the oatmeal and is not for less. The oatmealAs many know, he has established himself as one of the best cerealsMainly because of the great beneficial contribution that it usually has on health. However, there is another option, derived from the oatmealwhich ultimately can be considered; oat bran.