Nutritious, quick and delicious options for breakfast


The importance of breakfast is relative and depends on each person. If you wake up hungry or if you plan to exercise, a good breakfast will be essential for you. The main thing is to eat foods that nourish the body.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, the word itself says so, it is the food that we use to break the fast that we have maintained during the night hours. However, being the first does not make it the most important, as several nutritionists say. All the meals you eat throughout the day are relevant, especially when we want to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Each person should consume the amount of food that suits their needs, trying to make their diet as balanced as possible. There is no single formula that is perfect for everyone.

Experts point out that this importance we give to breakfast is enhanced by the food industry, pushing us to consume products specifically designed for breakfast time, such as cereals, cookies or industrial pastries.

Thanks to their advertising campaigns, we have internalized that we cannot leave the house without a drink and the rush often pushes us towards unhealthy products. Despite this, we can establish that the importance of breakfast is relative and depends on each person. If you wake up hungry or if you plan to exercise, a good breakfast will be essential for you.

eat breakfast to lose weight

Another of the myths that are associated with breakfast is that it helps to lose weight, something for which there is currently no scientific evidence to support this statement. An unhealthy breakfast that is based on products of poor nutritional quality is very difficult to help us lose weight. In addition, to point to breakfast as the only cause of this is to simplify too much. It may happen that, within the framework of a balanced diet, someone who barely ate breakfast or did so inappropriately has changed their habits and therefore managed to lose weight. This is not the exclusive merit of the first intake of the day.

better a good breakfast

Each person has their own needs and, while there are those who prefer to eat every few hours so as not to arrive at important meals too hungry, there are also those who prefer not to spend the whole day eating.

Hence the importance of a nutritionist or an expert in the field who helps us find the personalized formula we need to improve our diet. Of course, if you want to have breakfast, it is always recommended that it be a healthy meal, with the nutrients that our body needs to function, for example with a cereal base and some type of protein and fruit.

What does a nutritious breakfast include?

The first thing to know is that a breakfast must provide adequate nutrients and according to the needs of each person; These vary according to factors such as sex, age, work activity and physical activity carried out, among other aspects.

Clara Lucía Valderrama, a nutritionist, advises including foods that contain protein, such as eggs, low-fat cheese, or some derivative of soy or dairy. She also recommends consuming arepas, toast or whole-grain breads that provide complex carbohydrates rich in fiber, as well as servings of fruit to obtain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

“We must bear in mind that hydration begins at breakfast. For this you can include low-calorie drinks, such as tea or coffee, or fruit juices. A good option is protein shakes that include a variety of nutrients,” adds the specialist.

It should also be noted that the first meals of the day are the basis of adequate nutrition, which allows the normal functioning of the body, including the immune system.

To consume nutritious foods for the body and have a healthier lifestyle, the nutritionist highlights these delicious and easy-to-prepare options.

Quick options for everyone

– A protein shake that includes fruits and/or vegetables.

– Greek yogurt with granola and fruit.

– Eggs prepared with little fat, accompanied by a medium corn arepa and a fruit juice with no added sugar. This juice can be replaced with whole fruit and combined with flavored water or unsweetened tea.


– Egg or cheese, fruit, wholemeal bread, tea without sugar or drink with Aloe vera.

Vegan or strict vegetarian

– Smoothies with soy protein prepared in vegetable drinks (almond or coconut), with rice toast, chickpea hummus or peanut butter and fruit.

Finally, Valderrama warns that foods with a high content of sugars and saturated fats that do not provide essential nutrients should be avoided as much as possible.